3 Reasons Why You Should Read Spottoon’s “My Beautiful World”

Soompiers, you still have 1 week left to read Spottoon’s amazing comic “My Beautiful World” (by webtoon artist Maru) directly on Soompi! If you haven’t started reading yet, here’s a taste of what you’re missing out on:

1. The artwork is absolutely gorgeous

While any comic is bound to have great drawings, “My Beautiful World” has especially gorgeous artwork that is fitting of the webtoon’s title! The rich, vivid colors and fine details bring everything to life, from the cherry-blossom pink of June’s hair to the ominous black auras that Yurim sees. Just like watching a beautifully produced drama or a well-made music video, reading this webtoon is a total treat for the eyes.


2. The supernatural concept is intense

If you enjoy dramas with a supernatural concept such as “The Master’s Sun,” “Orange Marmalade,” and “Blood,” you will love “My Beautiful World”! Can you imagine seeing a black aura around any person who lies, schemes, or has malicious intentions of any kind? It seems like a useful skill to identify bad people — but it would also be incredibly isolating. That’s the reality of the main character Yurim, and this webtoon takes its readers through the twists and turns of a world where anyone could turn on you at any second. “My Beautiful World” will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat!

3. The comic addresses serious concepts of right and wrong

Adding upon the supernatural concept, this webtoon also tackles some serious issues and moral questions of what is right and wrong. As Yurim works to navigate interactions with people who might turn sinister or even criminal at any moment, you may be reminded of dramas with criminal-chasing storylines such as “I Can Hear Your Voice” and “W.” If you like a sense of justice in your storylines, this is the webtoon for you!

Are you hooked yet? Click here to read “My Beautiful World” directly on Soompi! You only have until October 23 KST, so don’t miss out!