Watch: Tablo And Haru Are Adorable Lip-Syncing Masters While Jamming Out Together

“Like father, like daughter”

Epik High’s Tablo and Haru are definitely a prime example of this statement in a new Instagram video shared by the rapper on October 14.

Tablo first sets the stage with Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” as his wife and daughter look on with judging looks. However, Haru then joins her dad in lip-syncing to a medley of songs, including everything from “Dynamite” to “Reflection” from Mulan and from “You Raise Me Up” to “Call Me Maybe.”

Clearly knowing what makes a good lip-sync, the pair puts on their best expressions depending on what song is playing.

Of course, this insanely fun jam session wouldn’t be complete with one of Epik High’s very own songs, “Don’t Hate Me,” which the father-daughter duo pull off flawlessly.

하루케인 블로 #fatheranddaughter #bff #베프

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Which song do you think they pulled off the best?