Watch: SHINee’s Jonghyun Is Literally The Sweetest As He Comforts And Encourages A Fan

As a part of a special series designed to encourage all the part-timers who work hard every day in their respective jobs, SHINee’s Jonghyun recently paid a visit to one of his unsuspecting fans.

A college student -later introduced as Hye Rin- goes through her regular routine of working at a cafe. Besides her duties as a cashier, she’s constantly on her feet cleaning tables and washing dishes. Of course, a part-timer’s long day wouldn’t be complete without encountering several rude customers as well.


In order to give her a boost of energy, Jonghyun visits the girl at the end of her shift. Utterly shocked, Hye Rin collapses and breaks out into tears, seemingly due to both the surprise of seeing him and the release of all the stress she must have been feeling.

The singer helps her finish up the rest of her duties around the cafe, before she teaches him how to make her favorite drink.

JOnghyun 3

Ordering her to take a break, Jonghyun sits down with Hye Rin for a heartfelt conversation. The college student explains that she’s currently studying Indonesian, but she had a hard time because she entered college after retaking the college entrance exam. When Hye Rin says that she’s somewhat jealous because she feels like she wasted a year, Jonghyun comforts her and says that it’s okay because it just means she has a year of experience over her peers.

He also encourages her to follow her dreams of becoming a producing director for a radio station so they can meet again during a broadcast ten years down the road.

Jonghyun 4

As an additional surprise, Jonghyun gifts her his favorite perfume, and even demonstrates that he has it on as well. At the very end, the idol sweetly says, “You’ve gone through a lot. You’ve worked hard again today.” He makes sure to walk her all the way home as well, as they laugh and converse the whole way.

Watch this amazingly touching act by Jonghyun below!

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