Eric Does Not Smell Something Burning, Nails His 1st Meal On “Three Meals A Day”

Cable channel tvN aired the first episode of “Three Meals a Day – Fishing Village Edition 3” on October 14.

During the episode, newcomer Eric of Shinhwa prepares the cast’s first meal in Deuk Ryang island, and he impresses with his cooking skills as he makes gamja soo je bi (potato dough soup) from scratch.

Shinhwa Eric

Shinhwa Eric 2

So no, Eric does not smell something burning and finishes making his soup without any mishaps (We couldn’t help ourselves).

Three Meals a Day

Eric feeds the cast members, who take turns complimenting his cooking. “It’s good,” Lee Seo Jin says. “It’s yummy, seriously,” Yoon Kyun Sang adds.

PD (producing director) Na Young Suk straight up takes the entire pot and grubs using the serving ladle.

Three Meals a Day2

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