Jessi Gushes Over Finally Meeting Ideal Type Ha Jung Woo

Rapper Jessi finally meets actor Ha Jung Woo and shares her experience with her “Sister’s Slam Dunk” castmates!

On the October 14 episode of the KBS show, Ra Mi Ran asks Jessi about meeting the actor, and Jessi shows her admiration for him, saying, “He’s so kind! His voice is really cool.”

Being a self-confessed fan of the actor and consistently naming him as her ideal type, Jessi excitedly shares, “He saw me and said, ‘Oh, it’s Jessi,’ tossed aside his script, and came to me.”

Hearing this, the “Sister’s Slam Dunk” ladies express their envy and tell her, “He really threw his script to take a picture with you?”, then Kim Sook hilariously adds, “He must have disliked the script.”

Jessi previously shared the commemorative shot from their meeting on her Instagram, with the caption, “Ha Jung Woo oppa #gillettelaunchingparty.”

Catch the latest episode of the show below!

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