Update: BEAST Celebrates 7th Debut Anniversary With Touching Messages To Fans

Update Oct 17 KST:

After three members of BEAST posted about the group’s seventh anniversary, Yoon Doo Joon and Yong Jun Hyung also updated their fans on their thoughts about the momentous occasion.

Yoon Doo Joon wrote on his personal Instagram, “Seven years ago, I was also awake at this time… Today is a day when those days seem closer than ever. BEAST’s second stage is beginning now! Everyone, fighting! Thank you and I love you!”

Yong Jun Hyung posted a picture from BEAST’s concert and wrote, “As long as there is someone who is listening to us, we will be together, so don’t worry. We received so much love for seven years, and we intend to work hard for twice that time in the future. Our fans B2uty have suffered a lot, so let’s share the good things and bad things from now on. I love you, everyone.”


It’s BEAST’s seventh birthday!

BEAST debuted on October 16 of 2009 with their single “Bad Girl,” and so the group is celebrating their seventh anniversary today!

Lee Gi Kwang wrote on his Twitter on the evening of October 15, “Thank you so much to our fans B2uty who have believed, depended on, and followed only us for the past seven years. We’ll make it up to you by being even cooler and great. Please keep taking care of us in the long future ahead. Please follow us. Thank you so, so much! Have a good weekend and evening!!”

Yang Yoseob uploaded photos of the guys at a concert to his Instagram and wrote, “I have been really, really happy for the past seven years, and I even got through tiring and sad things and was able to have strength because of all of you. I’ll sing more in the future for both our fans and for BEAST.”

He goes on to say, “Thank you so, so much, and I’m sorry that I can’t greet you guys other than like this on such a precious day like today! I always say this but I respect you and love you. I hope that we always only experience good things… From Yoseob with love.”

Son Dongwoon shared a photo of the group’s debut track “Bad Girl” and their latest song “Ribbon” topping the list of most-searched terms to his own Instagram. He writes as the caption, “It’s already been seven years since we met. Thank you so much for always being together with us during that time. It’s a very confusing time, but I’m sorry and please wait just a little bit more! We can’t celebrate our anniversary [together] this year, but let’s plan to congratulate each other later. Thank you, B2uty.”

At midnight KST, CUBE Entertainment also tweeted out a photo of the guys to celebrate the group’s milestone.

Congrats on seven great years so far, BEAST!

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