Watch: BTS’s Jin Says He Wishes He Had Jimin’s Cute Hands

It seems like both Jin and Jimin are a bit shy about their hands!

On October 15, the YouTube channel 1theK shared BTS’s new episode of “Ask in a Box.” During the show, Jin is asked what he’d like to change about himself if he could.

“I personally have a complex about my fingers,” he says. “I want to try switching with Jimin’s cute hands.”

bts jin

Jimin bursts out laughing at this, and Rap Monster tells V and Jimin to compare their hand sizes because V has the largest hands out of all the members.

V is already laughing when he holds up his hand with his pinky finger up, but Jimin looks over at Rap Monster and asks, “Do we really have to do this?” Rap Monster replies, “Yes, you do!”

bts jimin 1

Jimin reluctantly puts his small pinky finger up against V’s, which cracks everyone up and makes Rap Monster yell, “So cute!”

bts 2

Watch the full episode below, including English subtitles!

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