Watch: Kim Min Suk Plays A Young And Hilarious 3-Minute Boyfriend On “SNL Korea”

Kim Min Suk recently showed his comedy skills in the latest “SNL Korea” episode!

The actor participated in the popular skit “3 Minute Boyfriend,” which previously featured many K-pop idols such as 2PM.

During the skit, Kim Min Suk plays on the theme of a younger boyfriend, and acts in a variety of popular boyfriend styles such as “A younger man who really knows women,” and “A man who is good at doing events.”

However, for each boyfriend package, he shows a hilariously different image than what the descriptions promise. For one of the packages, Kim Min Suk transforms into a man who really knows and understands women, but in the end becomes too much for the girlfriend as he comments on her make up tones and bra size. Another package promises a younger boyfriend who is good at events, but he goes from celebrating their 22 days of dating to celebrating the day she broke wind in front of him.

In the end, the girlfriend character becomes desperate and tries every other boyfriend package, only to end in even more hilarious results.

Watch the clips below!

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