“Ask Us Anything” Hosts Hilariously Fail At Guessing Names Of INFINITE Members

On a recent broadcast of the JTBC show “Ask Us Anything,” the hosts try to figure out the names of the INFINITE members!

During the episode, INFINITE makes a grand entrance with a performance of “The Eye,” impressing everyone on set. After the performance, the “Ask Us Anything” members are tasked with writing down each INFINITE member’s name. Kim Heechul then announces the answers.

infinite hoya l sungyeol sungjong woohyun sunggyu dongwoo

The test begins smoothly with Kang Ho Dong who, having met INFINITE several times before, correctly names five of seven members.

On the other hand, Kim Young Chul makes wildly incorrect guesses for most members except L, whose name he gets right. He explains, “We met at a department store recently.”

Lee Sang Min manages to name Sunggyu, his former castmate on tvN’s “The Genius.” However, he cracks up the studio when he names Sungyeol, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, L, and Sungjong as Belief, Hope, Love, Friendship, Forever, and Happiness, respectively.

infinite sunggyu lee sang min

When Lee Sang Min explains, “It’s because I’m sick right now,” Kang Ho Dong quips, “If you’re so sick, you don’t have to come on a regular basis.”

Watch the cuts INFINITE’s performance of “The Eye” and the test results of the “Ask Us Anything” members below!

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