Se7en Reveals He And Lee Da Hae Aren’t Secretive About Their Dates

Se7en opens up about dating Lee Da Hae, after they went public in September.

On October 17, the singer visits SBS Radio LoveFM’s “Two Man Show,” where he talks to DJs Yoon Hyung Bin and Yang Se Hyung about his relationship with the actress.

On the show, DJ Yoon Hyung Bin tells Se7en, “There’s a rumor that you were puzzled about your dating news. What does that mean?”

Se7en explains, “I jokingly said that it took longer than I thought for us to get caught. But I wasn’t actually puzzled at all.”

se7en yoon hyung bin yang se hyung

When Yoon Hyung Bin asks if they usually go on casual dates in public, Se7en answers, “As much as possible we carefully go to places without a lot of people, but we don’t cover up and put on masks.”

Yang Se Hyung comments, “If someone wears a cap and a mask in Gangnam, they’re 120 percent a celebrity,” but Yoon Hyung Bin disagrees, saying, “Sometimes they could be people who just had surgery.”

Se7en then chimes in, “Those people wear white masks, but celebrities wear fashion masks.”

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