Update: VIXX Reveals Tracklist For 3rd Mini Album “Kratos”

Updated October 22 KST:

VIXX has unveiled their tracklist for their mini album! Notably, Ravi appears to have had a huge role, writing lyrics for all the songs as well composing a couple of the b-side tracks. LEO also makes his mark as a lyricist and composer as well. Ravi also mentions that the fourth track is special to him and is a song that he’s been saving.

Updated October 19 KST:

VIXX has shared a surprise teaser for fans that wasn’t on their comeback schedule – a cover image for their upcoming third mini album, which features part of Ken’s concept photo.

vixx kratos

Updated Oct 19 KST: 

VIXX is doing full justice to their upcoming concept in new concept photos that they recently unveiled on Twitter.



“Kratos,” the final instalment of VIXX’s epic Greco-Roman “Conception” saga, is the Greek god of strength and authority. In previous comeback photos (see below), the boys gave off a mysterious vibe with lace blindfolds, but in the new teasers they channel their inner might in old-fashioned military-style dress, complete with decorated medals.





Ken vixx Ken



Hongbin VIXX HongbinHyuk


The teaser photos also continue the interesting color scheme of dividing the members’ faces into two different colors.

“Kratos” will drop on October 31 (Halloween). Stay tuned for more teasers to come!


VIXX is getting us even more excited for their upcoming return with some stunning new concept images!

Starting on October 18 at midnight KST, the group’s official Twitter slowly released the members’ individual concept photos and a group photo for their comeback with “Kratos.” In each photo, the guys have their eyes closed and wear a strip of black lace covering their face.

vixx 7 vixx 6 vixx 5 vixx 4 vixx 3 vixx 2

vixx 1

“Kratos” is VIXX’s third mini album, and also the last part of the group’s trilogy entitled “VIXX 2016 Conception,” following the release of “Zelos” and “Hades” earlier this year.

The mini album will be dropped on October 31 at midnight KST, making this concept look perfect for its Halloween release date. Check out their first teaser video here, and look forward to some more teaser photos tomorrow!