Lee Sun Gyun Says He Knows Now Why Co-Star Song Ji Hyo Is Beloved By So Many

It looks like Lee Sun Gyun has caught the Mongji bug!

The actor is co-starring with Song Ji Hyo for the first time in upcoming JTBC drama “This Week, My Wife Is Having an Affair,” and he only had praises for the actress.

“I think I know now the appeal of Song Ji Hyo, who is beloved by many people. She has amazing character. She is far more beautiful in person, and she is pretty when she smiles. I fell for her instantly,” Lee Sun Gyun says about Song Ji Hyo, who plays his wife in the drama.

“We have relied on each other a lot and enjoyed filming. Going forward, we have to act out scenes where we are in conflict and hate each other, and [thinking about it makes] my heart hurts already,” he says.

Lee Sun Gyun Song Ji Hyo 2

“This Week, My Wife Is Having an Affair” is a comedic drama about husbands trying to rehabilitate their marriages with the help of anonymous netizens after they find out their wives are cheating. The drama will premiere on October 28, taking over the Friday-Saturday evening time slot currently occupied by “Fantastic.”

You can watch teasers for “This Week, My Wife Is Having an Affair” here.

Are you looking forward to this couple?

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