“The Legend Of The Blue Sea” Releases Stunning First Teaser Of Lee Min Ho And Jun Ji Hyun

“The Legend of the Blue Sea” has released its first teaser!

Providing viewers with a first glimpse of the drama, the teaser provides gorgeous scenery images of beaches, seas, and tropical forests as it gives hints into Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun’s fateful backstory and relationship.

In the released teaser, both characters are shown in a melancholy mood, and a sense of longing is felt throughout the scenes. Jun Ji Hyun’s voice can be heard in the teaser as she says, “I’m still going to keep my promise. Even if a storm comes, or there’s no one there so it feels lonely, or I feel afraid because its a path I’ve never walked on, I’m going to persevere and go to you.” The teaser caused many to wonder what happens between the characters as well as how they progress from the past to the future.

The production crew of “The Legend of the Blue Sea” shared their thoughts, saying, “The released teaser is just the start as we plan to simultaneously show how Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun have perfectly absorbed into their characters. They will be transformed in a way that is new, fresh, and unlike anything you’ve seen before.”

SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “The Legend of the Blue Sea” airs its first episode on November 16, 10 p.m. KST.

Watch the teaser below!

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