SHINee Hilariously Rejects Jun Hyun Moo As Their 6th Member

SHINee recently appeared as a guest for an episode recording of KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together.” The theme for the episode is titled, “A Sweeping Victory: SHINee vs. Sunny.”

During the recording for the upcoming episode, veteran idol group SHINee appears alongside comediennes Kim Ji Min and Lee Guk Joo, and performs a parody version of their hit song “Lucifer.” The group hilariously uses the original song to share their honest feelings towards Jun Hyun Moo.

Minho laughs while sharing his opinions of him, saying, “When Jun Hyun Moo first danced to Lucifer, I was really moved by it. But as he became popular, he forgot all the choreography and went around saying that he raised SHINee. He lost his initial intention.”

SHINee 1

Minho continues, saying, “Jun Hyun Moo says that he is acknowledged as the sixth member of SHINee, but we never acknowledged him.” Jonghyun also adds, “When Jun Hyun Moo and I weren’t really close, I remember getting a direct message on social media from him. I’m beginning to wonder why he tried so hard to become close with us.” In response, Jun Hyun Moo confesses, “It’s true that I approached them with a purpose,” causing everyone to laugh on set.

SHINee then does a new collaborative stage with Jun Hyun Moo on the show as they personally teach him the dance moves to “1 of 1.” SHINee comments, “You’ve been going on too long with just ‘Lucifer.’ It’s time to put in more effort.”

Jun Hyun Moo and SHINee’s banter can be seen on the upcoming episode of “Happy Together,” which airs on October 20, 11:10 p.m. KST.

Watch SHINee’s “1 of 1” music video below!

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