Update: T-ara Reveals Comeback Date And Showcase Plans

Update on October 23 KST:

T-ara recently gave more details about their upcoming comeback!

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On October 23, during a V-App segment titled, “T-ARA COMEBACK D-?” the members of T-ara shared a message with their fans. During the session, the members revealed, “We’re having a showcase on November 9. It’s a showcase with our fans, so please come after school and after work. We planned it for the evening so that you can all come.”


The T-ara members also commented, “Let’s have a date the next day. We’ve also prepared a fan song in this album.”

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T-ara will be making a comeback soon, but in a different style than before!

After previously releasing news that T-ara would return in November, MBK Entertainment also hinted at the style of their comeback track. “Their new track has just been picked, and it hasn’t been that long since the members first heard the track, so we’re not in a situation to give specifics. But it is a slower song in comparison to T-ara’s standard comeback songs.”

After releasing many upbeat and energetic dance songs such as “Roly-Poly,” “Lovey-Dovey,” and the recent “So Crazy,” this upcoming medium tempo track might be different from T-ara’s usual style!

The track will be the group’s latest comeback since their last mini-album “So Good,” which was released on August 2015.

Watch the music video for “So Crazy” below!

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