Watch: Daebak Valiantly Tries To Perform CPR On His Sister

Is there anything this little two year old can’t do??

On October 18, soccer player Lee Dong Gook’s wife Lee Soo Jin updated her Instagram (@jeshia2) with an adorable video clip of her children.

In the clip, Daebak is doing his very best to save his older sister Jae Si as she lies fallen on the ground. You can hear Soo Ah in the background asking what he’s doing, and Lee Soo Jin answers, “He’s saving his older sister.” He even performs mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and once he is successful in saving her, he gives a round of applause for himself!

A video posted by 오남매맘 (@jeshia2) on

She captions the post with “#CPR Not even two years old #Daebak #HeCanDoSoManyThings.”

Catch up with the adorable Daebak on the latest episode of “The Return Of Superman” on Viki below!

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