“Finding Momoland” Girl Group To Finally Make Their Debut

Duble Kick Company’s new girl group, Momoland, will be making their debut!

On October 20, a source in the music industry reported that Momoland will be dropping their debut album on November 10. Their title track will be produced by Duble Sidekick.

Momoland is made up of the seven finalists (Hye Bin, Na Yun, Ah In, Yeon Woo, Joo E, Jane, and Nancy) of the Mnet survival audition program “Finding Momoland.” The girls’ debut was pushed back after they failed their final mission on the show to gather 3000 people for their concert.

Since then, they have continued their training and attended various festival and school concerts, while member Nancy has also appeared in MC Gree’s music video.

The girls also completed a successful crowdfunding effort to finance their debut album. As of October 20 KST, they had 134 percent of their required funding on Makestar.

A source from Duble Kick Company said, “Thank you to everyone for all the support you’ve given to Momoland. In order to repay you all, the members and the staff are all working as hard ad we can.”

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