Nam Ji Hyun Says Kiss Scenes With Seo In Guk Took 5 Hours To Film?

During a press conference for MBC drama Wednesday-Thursday drama “Shopping King Louie,” which took place on October 21, co-stars Seo In Guk and Nam Ji Hyun dished on their recent kiss scenes.

When asked about how she felt about them, Nam Ji Hyun laughs shyly and says, “I just hoped that they would come out well. They took about five hours. We freely poured in our time to create a good scene. For the rooftop, red carpet, and Busan Buso-dong Book Alley scenes, we tried to bring to life the backdrop. It struck me that we’re taking such care in filming each and every scene.”

“I haven’t done a lot of kiss scenes,” Nam Ji Hyun continues, “‘So I have a lot worries [about what I should do]. Thankfully, Seo In Guk did a great job of leading, so we filmed comfortably.”

Seo In Guk also shares his thoughts on the kiss scenes, saying, “Kiss scenes are one of the flowers of a drama. For the kiss scene to be beautiful, there has to have been a backstory between the characters. Fortunately, Louie and Bok Sil’s story together was beautiful leading up to the kiss scene, and that’s why I think the kiss scene was also beautiful. It’s a relief that it came out well.”

The actor also reveals, “I don’t prepare when filming kiss scenes. That’s because the kiss scene is different from the overall plot. Beyond a doubt, what viewers extract is the love story within the kiss scene.”

“I think the story plays a big role [in how a kiss scene turns out]. When filming kiss scenes, I prefer my co-star and I to be completely immersed in the moment rather than being calculating. I think [the kiss scenes] turned out well because we made it fit our chemistry and the characters.”

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