Lee Joon Gi Gives EXO’s Baekhyun Advice And Praise During Intense Filming In “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo” Making-Of Clip

Lee Joon Gi has once again proven himself to be a great sunbae to his fellow actors in “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo.”

Note: There are spoilers from Tuesday’s episode below if you haven’t caught up yet!

On October 22, Lee Joon Gi’s agency Namoo Actors uploaded a clip from behind-the-scenes of Baekhyun and Z.Hera’s final scene in the show.

Lee Joon Gi says, “Today is the day that the tenth prince Eun dies, although it hurts our hearts. It is the scene where in the end, I take his life. I think it will be a scene that will be painful for the viewers to watch. I’m upset about it too, and because Baekhyun’s worked so hard up until now, I want to send him off well. You’ve worked hard, Baekhyun. Farewell!”

The clip then shows Lee Joon Gi singing a goodbye song to Baekhyun, before they film Eun’s death scene.

baekhyun lee joon gi

Lee Joon Gi is seen giving advice to Baekhyun on how to act out the scene as Baekhyun listens intently. When Baekhyun pulls it off well, Lee Joon Gi doesn’t hold back with the compliments. “Good job, good job!” he says, and proudly reenacts the way Baekhyun carried out the scene.

Watch the clip below.

Lee Joon Gi also updated his Instagram with a shot of himself smiling in front of Z.Hera and Baekhyun lying “dead” behind him on the ground. He writes as the caption, “I’m so sorry but I love you, it was all lies,” using lyrics from BIGBANG’s “Lies.”

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