Watch: “SNL Korea” Teases INFINITE’s Sunggyu For His Old School Graduation Photo

Boy group INFINITE appears on the October 22 broadcast of tvN’s “SNL Korea” to host the show!

During the episode’s opening, Yoo Se Yoon shares, “I heard there’s a member in INFINITE who is lying about his age.”

Shin Dong Yup comments, “When celebrities debut, they usually say they’re one or two years younger than their real age.”

However, Yoo Se Yoon explains that the INFINITE member in question is not only lying about a couple years, but is actually older than 48-year-old cast member Tak Jae Hoon. He then proposes, “Let’s see their graduation photos and find out together.”

INFINITE sungjong hoya

As each member’s childhood picture is flashed on the screen, the SNL cast comments, “He looks young. He looks exactly the same.”

However, when they finally show leader Sunggyu’s middle school graduation photo, the studio fills with laughter.

Shin Dong Yup and Yoo Se Yoon start bowing their heads to Sunggyu, and Shin Dong Yup exclaims, “That picture seems to have been taken in the 1950s.”

Tak Jae Hoon chimes in, “It looks more like it was from the Second World War.”

INFINITE sunggyu

As they wrap up the opening sequence, Shin Dong Yup quips, “With the INFINITE members and Sunggyu hyung, shall we begin SNL?”

Sunggyu wittily responds like a real hyung and says, “Got it, you rascal.”

Watch the cut below!

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