Listen: Block B’s BASTARZ Shares Preview For New Mini Album, Featuring Title Track Composed By Dean

Updated October 27 KST:

Take a brief listen to BASTARZ’s new upcoming mini album below!


After playing a bit of a game with fans, Block B’s sub-unit BASTARZ has now announced the producers on their upcoming mini album “Welcome 2 BASTARZ,” as well as revealed new photos and a track list!

BASTARZ previously uploaded a word search to their Twitter and asked fans to find the names of their upcoming release’s producers inside. On October 25, they shared the answers to the game! The word search contains the names Kwon Hyuk (which is R&B singer and producer Dean’s real name) and Pyo Ji Hoon (member P.O’s real name).

The trio has also released two new group photos, as well as a track list for their release!

bastarz group 1

The track list shows that Dean composed, co-wrote the lyrics for, and arranged their title track “Make It Rain,” and P.O also took part in the lyrics writing. In addition, P.O co-wrote the lyrics for all five tracks while co-composing four of them, and B-Bomb took part in composing and writing one of the songs.

bastarz track list

The mini album includes the group’s pre-release track “Selfish & Beautiful Girl,” which you can watch the music video for here! You can also check out the trio’s individual teaser photos for their comeback here. “Welcome 2 BASTARZ” will be released on October 31.

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