B.A.P Members Write Moving Tweets To Fans Following News Of Bang Yong Guk’s Hiatus

Some of the members of B.A.P have reached out to fans directly via Twitter to talk to them about the recent news that leader Bang Yong Guk will not be taking part in their upcoming comeback promotions.

On October 25, B.A.P’s agency TS Entertainment announced that due to a panic disorder, Bang Yong Guk will not be promoting with the group for their comeback with their second studio album.

Bang Yong Guk tweeted to fans later that day, “I will try to return again healthy. As the leader, since I can’t be together with the members and fans, all I can do is think it’s a shame and be sorry. Please show more interest and support for the other members.”

Member Daehyun wrote on Twitter, “You were really surprised at the sudden news, weren’t you, Baby? Bang Yong Guk is always working hard and trying hard as our group’s leader. As he takes a rest, I also want to support him so that he can get well again. Also, I think that your support and love will be even more helpful than my own in helping him recover faster.”

He goes on to say, “So let’s all cheer on Bang Yong Guk! Please all be together for Bang Yong Guk’s empty spot in this album! We’ll coolly present to you this album that Bang Yong Guk worked so hard on. I’m always grateful. I love you, Baby.”

Himchan took to Twitter to write to fans, “I think you must have been very surprised by this sudden news. My friend is ill so I’m worried and upset, but there are more days in the future when we will promote together, and I will help a lot so that he can soon return to stand in front of all of you again in good form. And he’ll be back very soon.”

He adds, “It will all be okay. We’ll try very hard too and help him, everyone.”

Youngjae also posted to say, “I’m writing to everyone who must have been very surprised to hear this news. Bang Yong Guk is producing this album, and he is trying very hard to make an even better B.A.P together with us and stand on stage. The weight on him must be severe as both B.A.P’s leader and the producer.”

“I feel sorry towards him when I think about how I cannot share that weight as a member and a younger friend,” Youngjae says. “We’re unable to promote this album together. So we’re trying to fill up Bang Yong Guk’s spot this time. Of course, I think that we can’t fill it up 100 percent.”

He adds, “Still, I think it will be okay somehow if the five us work together with all of you. Please be together with us this time, just as you have done for us up until now. Thank you for always being such a reliable pillar of support for us. I love you, Babys.”

B.A.P is currently preparing to make a comeback with their second full album “NOIR” on November 7.

Update October 26 KST:

Jongup has also now tweeted his own message to fans. He writes, “If you keep supporting him and loving him, Bang Yong Guk will be able to come back soon too. It’s really too bad that we can’t promote together this time, but I want him to get better soon so that we can stand on stage together again. Please give him a lot of strength so that that can happen.”

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