Watch: BTS Picks Their Sexiest Member, Rapper Line Shows Off Singing Talents, And More On “The Show”

During October 25’s episode of SBS MTV’s “The Show,” the guys of BTS sit down for an interview with a “special MC”: their maknae, Jungkook!

The interview questions all fit the theme of their latest hit track “Blood Sweat & Tears.” Jungkook asks which member is the most “cold-hearted” (although the expression they use is literally “has neither blood nor tears” in Korean), and J-Hope picks Suga. Suga admits it but adds dryly, “I do in fact have both blood and tears though, or I wouldn’t be alive right now.”

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One of the next sections that Jungkook announces is based on a play on the similar sounding words “sweat” and “stitch” in Korean. He tells the guys that one of them will be sewing a nose onto a doll, and picks Suga because he was chosen as the most cold-hearted. Suga then sets to work on his task, and spends much of the rest of the interview bent over the doll concentrating hard as he sews.

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Jungkook then asks the guys “Which member is the sexiest, down to their drops of sweat?” Rap Monster says, “This time around, Jimin is the sexiest.” V jumps in to say, “Personally, I think it’s Jin.”

J-Hope suggests they settle it by pointing to who they think is the sexiest. There’s no clear winner, and V seems to point Jimin’s arm towards Jin so that he can announce that Jin has the most votes. They then have Jin make a “sexy” expression for the camera, but of course tease him that he’s not making it work today.

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In the “tears” part of the show, Jin, V, and Rap Monster engage in a competition to see who can make themselves cry first. Jungkook tells the guys that they should try to prepare themselves, and then raise their hands when they feel like the tears are about to flow.

They’re then supposed to reenact Kim Soo Hyun‘s crying scene from “My Love From the Star” as they let the tears fall. Jin goes for it first, and he impresses the others as a tear falls down his cheek while he says the famous line.

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Right after, Suga announces that he’s finished the doll, but the guys crack up over how he’s left the needle hanging from its nose, joking that it looks like snot. Suga agrees that it’s snot, but sets back to work to finish it because it’s going to be given to a fan who wins a contest.

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Jungkook then says that the group is known for their diverse talents, and that he thinks they can’t end the show without hearing the rapper line’s “hidden vocal talents.” To fit with the theme, Suga and J-Hope (also known as the vocal duo Sope-Me) break out into a passionate falsetto version of So Chan Whee’s “Tears,” featuring Rap Monster towards the end.

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Watch the clips below!

BTS also took home the win on this episode of “The Show,” which is their fifth trophy for “Blood Sweat & Tears.” Watch their performance from the episode here!

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