Watch: BOYS24’s Unit Yellow Is Electric In “E” MV Teaser

On October 26 KST, CJ dropped a new teaser featuring BOYS24’s MVP unit, Unit Yellow.

The teaser features members Louoon, Seonghwan, Jaemin, Jinseok, Changmin, and Hongin.

The title of their new track is “E” and the music video teaser reveals their sharp and powerful dance skills. “E” is performed exclusively at BOYS24 concerts.

Check out the teaser below!

BOYS24 is currently comprised of four units (Unit Yellow, Unit Sky, Unit White, and Unit Green). All units are currently performing at an exclusive BOYS24 concert hall. The concerts started on September 22 and will be opening their fifth round of ticketing on October 26 at 8 p.m. KST. Tickets can be purchased through Interpark.

*Note: Following the end of the show “Boys24,” online voting took place to bring back the most popular members. Yeontae was added to Unit Yellow and is a member of that unit. However, he does not appear to be featured in this teaser.

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