Park Gyuri Talks New Film And Breaking Preconceptions Based On Her Idol Image

In an interview on October 24 to promote her new film “How to Break Up With My Cat” (working title), Park Gyuri discusses her role as the female lead in the film and how she’s dealt with preconceived notions of her based on her idol image.

When asked about whether she feels burdened by people’s view of her as an idol-actress, Park Gyuri says, “In the beginning, I was a bit worried because people formed an image of me through my promotions with KARA. ‘Goddess Gyuri’ was it? (Laughs) I was also worried that those things would prevent [people from being fully immersed into my character]. But it’s not like me worrying is going to change how people are going to view me.”

Park Gyuri says she isn’t in a rush to change her image from idol to actress, “I don’t think I’ll try to force my image to change. I just hope it will change organically as I show you more [of my acting work] in the future.”

She also emphasizes, “I’ve actually been acting consistently, even while promoting with KARA.”

Meanwhile, you can watch the trailer for her film “How to Break Up With My Cat” below. It is slated to premiere in domestic theaters on November 3.

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