Se7en Shares His Thoughts On The Icy Response To His Comeback

In a recent interview, artist Se7en shares his candid response to the overall cold response to his first comeback in over four years.

Se7en dropped mini album “I Am Se7en” on October 14 along with the music video for title track “Give It to Me,” and despite Se7en’s personal satisfaction with the musical quality of the album, the overall response from the general public has been quite negative and lukewarm at best.

The album has been rated poorly on online communities and music sites. On major music site MelOn, for instance, “I Am Se7en” has a rating of two stars, and the reviews section is full of malicious comments.

When asked about the public’s cold reaction to his comeback, Se7en responds, “It’s not that I didn’t expect it. I wasn’t banking on completely changing [people’s views] with my first album [in a while]. Because I expected this result to a certain extent, I think I feel less hurt by it.”

He continues, “In any case, it’s not easy to completely change [people’s views]. Now that I’ve made my first steps, I plan on slowly changing [people’s views] little by little. That’s my goal.”

Se7en prefers to see the situation optimistically, saying, “Even still, through these promotions I got to go out on talk shows and got up on stage, so although it’s just a small number of people, I feel very grateful that they are looking at me again.”

He also emphasizes his gratitude for his loyal fans. “I’m just grateful for the fact that they’re cheering me on. It’s a source of great strength for me,” Se7en says, smiling.

What are your thoughts on the public’s negative reaction to Se7en’s comeback?

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