FTISLAND’s Song Seung Hyun Undergoes 2nd Hand Surgery, Tells Fans Not To Worry

FTISLAND’s guitarist Song Seung Hyun has a second surgery on his hand following his finger fracture in December of last year.

According to FNC Entertainment on October 26, “Song Seung Hyun received surgery to remove metal pins from the back of his hand.”

“After fracturing a finger on his right hand during Christmas last year, he received surgery to insert metal screws [into his hand] in early January, and today he had them removed,” the agency continues.

FNC Entertainment also assures fans that there won’t be any impediment to his guitar playing. “After getting surgery in January, there was no impediment to his guitar playing. We have been told that there will be no impediment to his guitar playing following this surgery as well.”

Song Seung Hyun also took to Instagram to assure fans he is doing okay, saying, “Last week my wisdom teeth, and today, finally, my metal screw removal surgery for the back of my hand! I think getting it all done now while I have the free time will keep me from getting stressed and inconvenienced when I start working again. Doing it all while I have the drive.”

He continues, “It’s a really simply surgery, so no no to any worrying. Everyone, your health is your wealth. Healthiness is the most important thing.”

Wishing Song Seung Hyun a full recovery!

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