Watch: GOT7’s Jackson Has A Lot To Say To Leader JB (And JB Has A Lot To Say Back)

This week on “GOT2DAY 2016,” it was Jackson and JB’s turn to share any complaints they had built up against each other.

As soon as the broadcast starts, JB knows that Jackson’s going to have a lot to say. JB guesses that the first thing Jackson wants to discuss is “the ’94 thing,” but Jackson insists they’ve moved on.

“You said that I can treat you like a [same-age] friend if I wanted,” Jackson says, but JB replies that he’s never said that.

“I said we can be like friends, but just call me hyung,” JB clarifies.

(Both JB and Jackson were born in 1994, but JB was born in January while Jackson’s birthday is in March. In Korea, those born in January and February can claim to have ‘early birthdays’ and be technically considered older than the rest of their year. Therefore, Jackson calls JB hyung although the two are only a month or two apart in actual age.)

The real complaint that Jackson wants to address is the fan in their room. Jackson sleeps on the top bunk and JB sleeps on the bottom bunk, and Jackson complains that he doesn’t get enough cool air.

“It’s so hot all my pores opened up,” he says, but JB says that they’ve changed the direction of the fan recently and mentions he’s even slept in the living room to let Jackson sleep in his own bunk.

Jackson and JB also talk about JB’s funny sleeping habit, his family’s business, and his “chic and sexy image.”

You can watch the video here.

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