Park Bo Young And Park Hyung Sik Share Thoughts On Starting Production For New JTBC Drama

Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik will be actively starting to film for “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” (working title) in November!

The new Friday-Saturday JTBC drama is set to air in February 2017 and stars Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik as the main leads. With an interesting title, “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” is about an immensely disregarded but strong woman named Do Bong Soon who was born with Herculean strength. She meets a very unique man who has an abundance of crazy energy and ends up falling in love with him.

Park Bo Young plays Do Bong Soon, a woman who is so strong that she can break things easily if she mishandles them. With good strength, a good appetite, and a good personality, Do Bong Soon dreams to become a woman who is like a Cosmos flower.

Park Bo Young shared her thoughts on making a drama comeback, saying, “I feel happy to be able to greet everyone with a good project. I worried a lot on how to portray Do Bong Soon, a girl you can’t find anywhere else in the world, and I’ve been really immersing myself into the role.”

Park Hyung Sik also stated, “It’s an honor to be able to work with great people. I want to be a good actor who returns with a good image. Though I always feel like I’m lacking, I sincerely thank everyone for encouraging me. I’ll do my best during filming.”

The broadcast for the upcoming drama also might be overlapping with Park Hyung Sik’s other drama “Hwarang: The Beginning.”

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