EXO’s Chanyeol Almost Loses Control As He Watches Lay’s New Solo MV Before Giving Him A Call

On October 28, EXO member Chanyeol hosted a live show on Naver’s V app where he shared his reaction to his group mate Lay’s new MV!

Lay’s music video for his new solo track “Lose Control” came out at 1 a.m. KST, while Chanyeol was broadcasting live on V. Right at 1 a.m. he excitedly starts to look for the video, and spends a good few minutes trying to find it. He hilariously keeps getting shocked whenever he clicks on SHINee’s “1 of 1” MV on the SMTOWN channel by mistake, and eventually gives in and just starts dancing to it.

exo chanyeol 2

He decides the video’s not out yet, so he watches the teaser video for his group mates Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin’s new sub-unit EXO-CBX with a big grin on his face, before he sees fans comment that Lay’s video is out. He heads back to look for it, but ends up jumping again when he plays “1 of 1” by mistake once more.

exo chanyeol 1

“It’s not out yet!” he says to the viewers, totally confused. “There’s just a teaser!” He gives up another time (after dancing to “1 of 1” again) before suddenly landing on the video by mistake. “It’s out!” he says with a huge smile, before telling fans proudly that Lay wrote the lyrics for the song and took part in its production.

He then settles in to watch the video in amazement while narrating it for fans and pointing out that one of the dancers is his friend. “Oh! His eyes are red!” he says in excitement. “He’s lying down in bed! The lights are so red!” He then adorably gets embarrassed and covers his face with his hands, peeking out between his fingers.

exo chanyeol lay 2

As the song is in Chinese, he admits to the camera, “I have absolutely no idea what he’s singing. But the lyrics seem sad.” He then gets surprised when Lay drops into the water and yells, “He’s fallen in the water! Lay is a good swimmer though!” He’s soon absolutely shocked when he sees Lay dancing with his shirt off, and yells to the viewers, “He’s taken off his clothes!”

exo chanyeol lay 5

He happily applauds when it’s done, saying it was really cool and that he can see how hard Lay worked over the three-day MV filming before giving a thumbs up.

He decides to try to give Lay a call, warning fans that he might not pick up. Lay does answer the phone, and Chanyeol excitedly tells him that he just watched his MV and did a reaction video. Lay laughs and says hello to all the V viewers.

exo chanyeol lay 4

Chanyeol jokes with Lay that he doesn’t believe him when he says that taking off his shirt was part of the video’s story, and that it must have been Lay’s own decision for another reason. They then talk about the process of filming the video over three days, before Chanyeol congratulates Lay on his solo debut and Lay says he’s really touched. “Put out your own solo album soon!” says Lay.

Watch the fun video here! His epic search for the “Lose Control” MV starts at about 30:35, and his reaction starts at around 35:08.