Watch: TWICE Won’t Let A Glass Cover Keep Them From Their Dolls In “Idol Arcade”

“Idol Arcade,” a series from 1theK’s YouTube channel, has updated with a hilarious glimpse into TWICE’s competitive nature as they try to get stuffed animals from a claw machine.

On this installment, the members of TWICE gather around an arcade machine thats parked in their dressing room and take turns at the claw to try to win the cute stuffed animals inside.


From the opening shot, we can see the silly side of the girls, as Mina tries to go inside the machine! Sana goes first and is surprisingly quick to win an animal. Jeongyeon is next and that’s where it goes downhill. She starts to bang on the machine and try to shake it instead of using the claw to win the stuffed animal. The other members all take turns, to differing degrees of success.

Check out the insanity in the video below!

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