Top 8 K-Pop Haunted House Adventures (RIP Headphone Users)

Halloween? More like Hallyuween! What better way to get into the Halloween mood than watching hilarious videos of your favorite K-pop idol groups reaching new octave levels? A word of warning: don’t use headphones. Check out our compilation of the best haunted house adventures by K-pop groups.


It’s time to bring back this legendary video in the VIP fandom! Daesung’s reaction (around 2:47) never fails to make me laugh!


I wonder if Key’s name comes from “high key”? XD


Poor Tao! And Sehun definitely earned his evil maknae status here… (around 5:19)


Leader N: “My one promise today: I will not cry!”
Brave last words…
And Hongbin is so polite – more polite than I would be after having the wits scared out of me HAHA.


LOL Jooheon is me. I would totally start screeching a hymn at the top of my lungs too (around 3:10).

Girls’ Generation

While I recommend watching all 6 episodes of Horror Movie Factory, this was one scene that I will never forget- mostly because I had been wearing headphones and… RIP.


If you combine all the screams of our girls, I think it’d be enough to keep Monster’s Inc. in business for the next century or so.


Our Boo is scared of boos. xD

Happy Halloween everyone!

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