Gary Opens Up About Leaving “Running Man” And Thanks Fans

Gary has opened up about leaving SBS’s “Running Man.”

On October 28, Gary posted a message on his Instagram account. In the message he thanks fans for seven years of love through the variety show. He also talks about his plans to work hard and live well in the future. Furthermore, he thanks people who have shown support for his decision to leave the show and asks everyone to continue supporting “Running Man” and the cast. He also posted an English version of his message.

Below is his full message:

“Hello everyone this is Gary,
First of all, I regret to say that I am truly sorry to announce the sudden news. I am sincerely grateful and thankful for all the attention and love I have received throughout the 7 years. I deeply apologize with all my heart, and I promise I will do my best wherever and whatever I pursue in the future especially for all my fans that have given me these memorable moments that I will never forget. I also want to thank those who have supported me with my decision.
Again, I am sorry and again, thank you!
Lastly, please continue to support ‘Running man’ and the cast for all the hard work and effort they put in each week to make the best of ‘Running man’
Thank you!
With much love,
Kang Gary”

Good luck Gary!

You can watch Gary in the latest episode of “Running Man” below!

Link to video:

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