Kim Yoo Jung’s Mother And Sister Were Worried That She Actually Liked Park Bo Gum?

During an interview on October 27, actress Kim Yoo Jung reflects on her hit drama “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.”

When asked about her impressive on-screen chemistry with co-star Park Bo Gum, which was so palpable that it left viewers guessing whether there were any real feelings between the two, Kim Yoo Jung responds, “Even my mom and my sister were worried and would ask, ‘Are you sure you don’t actually like Park Bo Gum?'”

The actress continues, “But to be precise, I think I loved crown prince Lee Young. The character Lee Young is at once smart and wise. How can you not love someone like that.”

With regards to the actor himself, Park Bo Gum, Kim Yoo Jung comments, “Since [Park Bo Gum] is a really warm person, I was able to [immerse myself into the drama] such that there were times when Bo Gum oppa felt like crown prince Lee Young, and Bo Gum oppa felt like crown prince Lee Young. [Park Bo Gum] not only works hard at his acting, even off camera he is very thoughtful of others and makes them comfortable. He was a very good oppa.”

The reporter conducting the interview asks, “If he’s such a good person, isn’t it hard to not have feelings for him?”

Kim Yoo Jung responds firmly, “Everyone is wondering how it’s possible to not like him [romantically], but it’s not like everyone in the world must like Bo Gum oppa. And I don’t.”

Did you enjoy Kim Yoo Jung and Park Bo Gum’s chemistry in the drama?

You can watch the first episode of “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds” on Viki below!

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