Breaking: April’s Hyunjoo Posts Handwritten Letter Announcing Departure From Group

Hyunjoo of DSP Media’s girl group April has announced her official departure from the group.

On October 29, Hyunjoo shared the news through a handwritten letter that she uploaded to April’s fan cafe.

“I am writing this letter because I have something to cautiously tell you all today,” Hyunjoo writes.

“During my break, I was able to reflect on the past year, and I had a chance to contemplate a lot on my dreams and [what I’d like to do in the future],” she continues, referring to the hiatus she took from group activities in May of this year due to health issues.

“I had my share of ambition and determination to stand in front of you, my fans, as both a singer and an actress, and I tried to work hard towards that dream… But I found that preparing for both took a toll on both my mental and physical health,” Hyunjoo writes.

April Hyunjoo

“During this time of contemplation, I decided to concentrate on my acting path, which has been my dream since I was young,” she reveals. “So I am leaving April to take on a new endeavor as I dream of a future as actress ‘Lee Hyun Joo.'”

Hyunjoo explains, “Recently, I was fortunate enough to get an opportunity to appear [as an actress] in a good work, and that work will be the beginning of me presenting to you actress Lee Hyun Joo.”

The work she is referring to seems to be OCN web drama “Momin’s Room” (working title), which Hyunjoo was confirmed to appear in just a few days ago on October 25.

“I have received so much love and support from you through April, and I will not forget those memories but cherish them! I will be [someone] who gives her all whenever and wherever, so that I can grow [and make you proud].” Hyunjoo continues.

“My heart hurts thinking about our Fineapples who must be very confused and shocked today, but I hope you will think of it as a means of me showing you a better version of myself. I hope all of us can always enjoy ourselves and be happy!” she says.

Hyunjoo concludes, “Then, please amply support and love our April members and me, Lee Hyun Joo~ Fineapples~ thank you, love you~ <3”

April Hyunjoo2

A DSP Media source has responded to Hyunjoo’s announcement, saying, “Hyunjoo is planning on working as an actress, and we plan on adding a member to April.”

What are your thoughts on Hyunjoo’s decision to leave April?

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