Watch: TWICE Transforms Into 3-Minute Friends On “SNL Korea”

Girl group TWICE hosted the October 29 episode of “SNL Korea 8,” and several of the members featured in the show’s popular “three-minute” digital shorts.

Comedian Yoo Se Yoon stars in the short as a high school student looking for the perfect female friend.

Three-minute friend Jungyeon is a tomboy who knows how to protect her man, but ends up being too much of a girl crush for Yoo Se Yoon to handle.

Nayeon, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu also appear three-minute friends, and after much trial and error, Yoo Se Yoon is relieved to discover “hometown friend” Dahyun, who seems to just get him (aka know everything about him).

All seems well and good until the final cut to Dahyun’s box where the first label on the box peels off, revealing a label that reads “legendary hometown friend,” which seems to be a reference to horror film “Evil Twin” (the Korean title for the film translates literally to “Legendary Hometown”).

Did you enjoy the segment?