Jo Jung Suk Reveals He Can Get Extremely Jealous For EXO Member D.O.’s Attention

During a recent interview with “Entertainment Relay,” actor Jo Jung Suk reveals his jealous side for EXO’s D.O.

The two appear on the October 29 broadcast to promote their new movie “Hyung.” The movie also stars Park Shin Hye and will premiere on November 30.

On the show, D.O. opens up about his first impression of the actor, saying, “Before I met him, I thought he was really cheerful but now having met him, I see that he’s very serious and prudent.”

D.O. Jo Jung Suk

D.O. is then asked if there is any other hyung that he likes, to which he immediately responds, “Not at all. It’s always Jo Jung Suk.” Jo Jung Suk smiles as he replies, “If you had mentioned someone else, I would have obviously been jealous. I’m the type to get severely jealous, you know!”

D.O. Jo Jung Suk 1

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