Watch: Block B’s BASTARZ Will “Make It Rain” With Everything They’ve Got In New MV

Block B’s sub-unit is back again with an exciting track that is sure to energize you!

BASTARZ dropped their newest music video for their title track, “Make It Rain,” as well as the rest of their second mini album “Welcome 2 Bastarz” on October 31 at midnight KST.

A contrast from their lighter and more upbeat pre-release track “Selfish & Beautiful Girl,” P.O, B-Bomb, and U-Kwon go back to their roots and go hard for this newest release. Notably, “Make It Rain” is composed by R&B producer and singer Dean and features lyrics that are co-written by member P.O.

This mini album also marks the BASTARZ’s first release since their sub-unit debut back in April 2015 with “Zero for Conduct.” Let us know what you think about their newest song!