Hyorin’s 10 Best Performances Of All Time

In honor of Hyorin’s upcoming mini album release, it is only right to bring you the best of this dashing diva. This SISTAR member has been officially tearing up stages all over the world since 2010 and shows no signs of stopping. From covers to original songs, this talented songstress does it all and she does it fabulously.

Check out her pre-release music videos: “One-Step” featuring Jay Park, “Love Like This” featuring Dok2.

“Missing You Now”

Hyorin is extra energized in this performance of Michael Bolton favorite “Missing You Now.” The singer himself was present during this “Immortal Song 2” filming and seemed duly impressed by the singer’s energy, sexy execution, gritty runs, and powerful high notes. If you’re ever missing Hyorin’s voice, you know which performance to check out!

“That Person”

This spine-tingling version of “That Person” from “Immortal Song 2” with the mind-blowing husky note at 2:50 is a classic Hyorin performance that solidified her standing as a singing machine. If you have any doubts, just check out all the audience members with mouths hanging wide open.

“I Will Always Love You”

Hyorin takes on another tune by the amazing Whitney Houston, and what’s impressive about her is how much control she has at the start. The quiet, low-pitched melody has so much restraint behind it that when it finally explodes with the famous “And I~,” it’s extra satisfying.

“Bang Bang”

We know that Hyorin mixes so well with the SISTAR members, but she can also blow your mind when partnering with other belters and talents (here, Ailee and Jessi.) Just watch how much energy she gives to the other performers on stage and to the audience.


One of my favorite ways Hyorin sings is sitting with an acoustic instrument. Here she also has a back track, but there is definitely an acoustic feeling to it with the cute guitarist sitting next to her. In this performance she performs her single “Lonely,” an introspective song that doesn’t call for the belt she is famous for. Rather, it showcases the opposite side of her spectrum: soft, rounded edges, easing into her husky upper reaches, and a delicacy that requires a lot of breathe control and finesse.

“Rainy Season”

What’s beautiful about this performance is that Hyorin adds a little more air behind her softer phrases so that she loses her telltale huskiness. It makes her sound reminiscent of Whitney, Mariah, Christina, and Beyonce. Also, she elongates her phrases so they are smooth and seem to go on for days and days. That’s monster breath control right there!


Lovers of Korean drama, film, and music shows are no stranger to this OST track from 2005’s “The King and the Clown.” Hyorin handles the melody delicately like the original. She fleshes it out as the song progresses and changes keys — it gets higher and more intense in the instrumentation and vocal acrobatics. That’s just how we like our Hyorin.


I found this gem of a performance earlier this year and it’s been on constant replay since then. Hyorin really explores her lower register, letting it become much fuller than she usually does. It shows her impressive growth as a singer because she is now much more even in quality across her voice. There are a few husky high notes that are her trademark. I’d drink a coffee in any cafe this lady performs in.

“Sweet Dreams”

Diva covers diva with this fancam of Beyonce’s “Sweet Dreams.” This is unbridled Hyorin as she just lets it all go. Her melismatic runs are razor sharp and the emotion is palpable. That “it” factor that makes a star a star is 100 percent evident in this performance.


Hyorin’s Starship Entertainment audition is one of her best because she’s riveting even before debut. She is so raw here and the joy of youth and making is present in this rendition of Christina Aguilera’s “Hurt.” Take a listen to the early years of our favorite diva.

Soompiers, what is your favorite live Hyorin performance? Let us know in the comments below!

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