“Reply” Series PD Refutes Rumors That The Next Installment Will Be “Reply 1974”

Ever since “Reply 1988” ended, fans have been eagerly awaiting for and guessing which year will be featured in the next installment of tvN’s “Reply” series.

Two popular choices seem to be 1980 and 1974, as the first was shown briefly on an old-fashioned radio during “Reply 1988” along with the two other years from “Reply 1994” and “Reply 1997, and the latter was supposedly mentioned by producing director (PD) Shin Won Ho as a potential candidate.

Reply 1988

However, Shin Won Ho firmly denied all the rumors of “Reply 1974” being the next drama in the series during a recent interview with news outlet OSEN, and said, “I have never mentioned 1974 as a potential year.”

He further explains that the team behind the “Reply” series has never even studied 1974 in depth, and that he is taken aback by all the false rumors being spread as if they were truth. “Many years, such as 1980 and 2002, are currently being considered, but the possibility for other years in between the years we’ve already covered, [1988-1997], is still open as well,” Shin Won Ho says.

However, while the PD previously confirmed that the a new installment to the “Reply” series was indeed coming, it appears fans may have to wait a little while longer.

Shin Won Ho states, “It is confirmed that my next work will not be in the ‘Reply’ series. We are planning a new drama with the intention of having it premiere next fall. It’s neither about love nor family.” He says he’s been working with scriptwriter Lee Woo Jung for the last two or three months, along with many rookie scriptwriters as well.

While it’s not planned for a release in the near future, which year would you like to see featured in the next “Reply” drama?

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