Ji Soo Opens Up About Struggle With Acute Osteomyelitis

On November 1, Ji Soo held an interview with OSEN to discuss his recent drama “Fantastic.”

During the interview he opened up about his recent battle with acute osteomyelitis (inflammation of bone or bone marrow) and said, “I have recovered a lot. I am receiving regular examinations.”

He continued, “Before going to the hospital my leg was limping. It was so painful, and it was the most difficult experience I had in my life. I also thought the human body is mysterious.”

Ji Soo showed his thoughtful side as he commented, “The writer had a difficult time, too. I was so sorry because [the writer], director, and staff members had to change the planned lines and they worried a lot.”

He explained how everyone was very considerate of his health and condition. The actor also talked about how he was only filmed from the waist up when he had to wear a cast.

Previously, Ji Soo was diagnosed with acute osteomyelitis and had to receive emergency surgery in September.

We’re so glad to see Ji Soo healthier now!

You can watch Ji Soo in “Fantastic”!

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