BTS Drops Individual And Group Teasers For “2017 Season’s Greeting”

Hold on to your wallets because BTS has another holiday present for you!

On November 1, BTS dropped image teasers for “BTS 2017 Season’s Greeting,” featuring a group image teaser and individual teasers for each of the seven members.

BTS Suga


No concrete details yet on what “2017 Season’s Greeting” will entail, but last year’s “BTS 2016 Season’s Greeting” consisted of a tin case full of BTS goodies including a photo calendar and diary for the new year, a full behind-the-scenes DVD from the set of the project shooting site, stickers, handwritten message cards, and more.

BTS Rap Monster

BTS Jungkook

Stay tuned for updates! How are you going to re-budget for the holidays? �de1b

BTS Jimin

BTS J-Hope