Watch: TWICE Takes 1st Win For “TT” Just In Time For Jungyeon’s Birthday

On the November 1 episode of SBS MTV music show “The Show,” girl groups TWICE, I.O.I, and Dal Shabet battled it out for the win with their tracks “TT,” “Very Very Very,” and “FRI.SAT.SUN” respectively.

In the final tally, TWICE took first place with 8,680 points, I.O.I took second place with 7,6830 points, and Dal Shabet came in third place with 5,117 points.


Birthday girl Jungyeon took the mic to express her gratitude for the win, saying, “Thank you so much for giving us this big gift as soon as made a comeback. Thank you to our boss Park Jin Young and the rest of the JYP family and ONCE. It’s my birthday, and I thank you so much for this big gift. We will work even harder going forward.”





You can watch TWICE’s winning comeback performance of “TT” and “1 TO 10” below!

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