Kim Yoo Jung Reveals What She Was Surprisingly Worried About During Kiss Scene With Park Bo Gum

While there may have been many concerns about certain scenes in “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds” due to Kim Yoo Jung’s age, the young actress explained that she worried about something completely different while filming during a recent interview with news outlet Biz Enter.

A highlight from the drama was the kiss scene between Kim Yoo Jung and Park Bo Gum‘s characters, but many people were concerned about the difference in the actors’ ages as well as the fact that Kim Yoo Jung is technically a minor.

The actress revealed, “Truthfully, when I was filming [the kiss scene], I was more worried about the uniform I was wearing than the kiss itself,” and mentioned that it seemed more peculiar that two characters dressed in formal, male clothing with topknots would be kissing. She further elaborated that she wasn’t too concerned about the scene and filmed with a fresh mindset to match the characters’ ages.

Kim Yoo Jung also addressed another controversial scene where her character Hong Ra On is shown changing and wrapping her chest with bandages in order to hide her gender.

“While there was a worrying aspect of it, it was a necessary scene to show Hong Ra On’s emotional state. It received attention because it turned out well, and there are other people who thought of it from a different point of view,” the actress explained.

Meanwhile, the Korea Communications Standards Commission ruled that it will send an official recommendation to KBS following their review of these two particular, controversial scenes.

This specific kiss scene was featured in episode seven, which you can watch on Viki below.

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*A previous version of this article has been updated for clarity.