Watch: Jeon Jiyoon Makes Solo Debut As Jenyer With Gorgeous “I Do” MV

Former 4Minute member Jeon Jiyoon finally made a stunning return as a solo artist with new music and a new name!

On November 2 KST, the singer dropped her digital single “I Do” under what appears to a new stage name, Jenyer. The track is personally written and produced by Jeon Jiyoon herself, and showcases her warm and sweet voice. It has an uplifting message that says she will always be shining down on you while taking on all the sadness and hurt so that you will only feel happiness.

The ethereal music video echoes the “light” imagery and features Jeon Jiyoon finding her way through various, fairytale-like landscapes.

Check out her first solo release below and let us know what you think!