Watch: BOYS24’s Unit Yellow Gives Their All In Sci-Fi-Inspired MV For “E”

Following the release of a music video teaser on October 26, BOYS24’s MVP unit, Unit Yellow, has dropped the full music video for their version of “E,”

Members Louoon, Sunghwan, Jaemin, Jinseok, Changmin, and Hongin appear in the science-fiction-inspired music video, and they bring their A game. With vivid visuals and impactful choreography, Unit Yellow reminds you why they were crowned as the MVP unit on their Mnet’s survival show.

Meanwhile, BOYS4 is currently comprised of four units, Unit Yellow, Unit Sky, Unit White, and Unit Green. All units are currently putting on performances at an exclusive BOYS24 concert hall.

Did you enjoy Unit Yellow’s version of “E”?