Watch: Video Of GFRIEND’s SinB Collapsing On Stage During Performance Leaves Fans Worried And Angry

A new fan video showing GFRIEND member SinB collapsing on stage during a performance is not sitting well with fans to say the least.

Uploaded on November 3, the video was taken on the same day during an event held at Chonbuk National University in Jeonju.

GFRIEND was the headlining performer for the event, and SinB collapsed while performing one of the songs on stage.

In the video, SinB does not look well from the beginning, appearing to have broken out in a cold sweat. During her singing parts, she visibly looks like she’s in pain, and after losing her balance for a moment, she ultimately collapses onto the floor.

The performance is cut short as the members surround SinB as she is escorted off stage.

Fans have reacted with both worry for SinB and anger towards GFRIEND’s managing agency Source Music, claiming the agency is overworking the girls.

You can watch the video below. No statements or updates from Source Music yet, so stay tuned.