Gary’s Final Episode Of “Running Man” To Have Special “77,000 km” Theme

A broadcasting industry source reported that SBS’s “Running Man” is planning an epic episode for Gary’s departure, airing on November 6.

“All the members have been together since the first year, but now one is leaving,” the source said. “Rather than inviting a guest who may not feel the event as strongly, it will be a time for just the members to be together. Since it is impossible to make a clean break with a long-time member like Gary, the missions for the final episode will be as messy and difficult as our feelings. Therefore, the episode is called ‘The Messy Special.'”

In the seven years that Gary has been on the show, “Running Man” has calculated that the members have run a total combined distance of 77,000 km (almost 48,000 miles). Many of Gary’s missions on his final episode will be related to the number “77,000,” while the other members will prepare a surprise for Gary with each mission.

The source said, “We cannot reveal exact details, but it was our first time seeing Gary cry like that.”

You can still catch Gary in the last episode of “Running Man” below!

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