Watch: “My Wife Is Having An Affair This Week” Cast And Crew Surprise BoA On Her Birthday

Co-stars Lee Sang Yeob and Lee Sun Gyun and the crew of “My Wife Is Having an Affair This Week” made sure to celebrate BoA’s birthday despite a jam-packed shooting schedule!

A newly released video via JTBC Drama shows how the birthday surprise all went down. After shooting her parts for the day, BoA quickly gets ready to leave and wishes everyone goodbye.

The crew manages to get her to stay for a bit, saying they need her to do an interview. All the while, Lee Sang Yeob and the staff get BoA’s birthday cake ready and lit. BoA is all smiles as she realizes what’s going on.

Meanwhile, BoA turned 30 years old (Korean age) on November 5.

Happy Birthday, BoA!

“My Wife Is Having an Affair This Week” airs every Friday and Saturday on JTBC. Catch the latest episode on Viki!