T-ara Talks About Staying Together As A Group As Well As Former Member Ryu Hwayoung

As their comeback draws near, T-ara sat down for an interview to talk their group and their comeback.

When asked how they feel about their eighth year as a group, Eunjung replied, “I think it’d be good to explain how we feel using the lyrics of our new song. ‘The only person that’s loved me like this is you.’ This is how we feel about our fans. I think about the times we’ve shared with the people who continue to like us and stay with us. I’m sure other groups would feel this way about their fans, but because we’ve been through hard times together, they feel like our family.”

Eunjung also spoke of the past controversy regarding Ryu Hwayoung, saying, “After what happened, our image changed. We went through some hard times and our fans went through them as well. We were able to endure it because it was related to us, but they weren’t obligated to do the same. The fact that they were enduring it because they liked us was something we were so thankful for and sorry for. It’s something we won’t forget it till the day we die.” Jiyeon added, “Hwayoung is also doing well, and now that time has passed, I feel like we’d be able to greet each other with a smile.”

When asked about the future of T-ara staying as a group, they responded, “We always talk about it but we want to stay as we are. For many groups that disbanded or had members leave, their contracts were seven years, but our first contracts were shorter. We’ve renewed them twice. We’ve already passed the seven-year jinx. We’re not thinking of disbanding or losing a member.”

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